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We are partnered with RediATM, one of Australia's largest ATM networks.

The rediATM network has over 3,400 ATMs nationwide which members can access free of an ATM operator fee. The network is comparable to the size of any of the major banks' ATM networks.

Tips to avoiding paying ATM fees

  1. Find out where your local ATM is using the RediATM locator and use this whenever possible
  2. Avoid withdrawing small amounts of cash when using an ATM
  3. Prepare a budget and plan for the cash you will need in advance so you can reduce the amount of ATM withdrawals you make
  4. Withdraw cash when making EFTPOS transactions where possible
  5. If you have a debit card purchase items using the Credit function instead of cash to avoid paying transaction fees
  6. Understand the features of your transaction account so that you are aware of any monthly ATM transaction limits.
  7. Take advantage of RediATM's iPhone or Android App to locate ATMs on the go

RediATM Locator